If you would like to study at 火博竟体官网 for one semester or a full academic year, 浏览此页面了解更多信息.


You can find the modules which are available for students starting in October 和 January here. Please note that we are expecting to offer a reduced number of modules in 2020/21. 




应用ing to study abroad at 火博竟体官网 is a simple process 和 all applications are made online. 遵循以下简单的步骤,了解更多信息.


To make your online application you first need to be nominated by the appropriate office at your home University. 一旦被提名,火博竟体官网将向您发送在线申请链接.


  1. 当前记录
  2. 学习计划:你想学习的模块列表(链接到手册).
  3. English Language: If your first language is not English, proof of your English Language level.
  4. 护照:你当前护照的复印件. 如果你还没有护照,你可以稍后寄这个.

You do not have to provide a personal statement but please share with us anything you think is relevant to your application e.g. 模块选择、减轻情节等.


你的平均绩点要达到3分.0分,学分或平均B级或同等. 如果您不符合此要求, 或对你是否有资格申请有任何疑问, 请联系你所在学校的留学办公室.

You must have completed a year of undergraduate study at your home university before coming to 火博竟体官网.


If you are a non-native English language speaker, our English requirements are IELTS 6.5(至少6.写作是0,5.5 in the other elements); Pearson PTE Academic 58 overall with at least 50 in writing 和 42 in equivalent IELTS elements, CEFR B2-C1或同等物质. 请咨询火博竟体官网 英语语言要求 有关更多资料的网页.

雅思6分学生.0(至少5.5 in each element) or Pearson PTE Academic 50 overall (with at least 42 in each element) can take part in the 4 week 学术英语(EAP) 而不是重新参加考试.

IELTS 和 Pearson certificates are valid for 2 years from the test date 和 your certificate will need to be valid on the start date of your studies at 火博竟体官网.

If you are a non-native English speaker studying at an English speaking university, please include a copy of the Secure English Language Test (SELT) certificate eg IELTS, Pearson or TOEFL you submitted when you applied to your home University/College.


We will accept the most recent SELT according to the English Language requirements outlined above or equivalent. There are several ways that you can provide evidence of your English Language ability, 详情列在火博竟体官网英语语言要求 网页.


如果你来火博竟体官网不超过6个月, 火博竟体官网仍然需要检查你的英语语言能力. However, we can accept a wider range of certificates including qualifications listed on our 英语语言要求 来自你所在大学的网页或确认.

如果你对此有任何进一步的问题,你可以给我发邮件 studyabroad@portmageehostel.com


全年及米迦勒节(十月)条目: 5月31日 (4月30日优先截止)

四旬/夏季(一月)入学须知: 10月31日


  1. 在两周内审核你的申请
  2. send you a formal offer via email when your application has been accepted
  3. email you 住宿 information after the application deadline has closed












如果你是交换生或伊拉斯谟+学生, you pay tuition fees to your home university 和 none to 火博竟体官网.




£131.46 - £154.每周98


£94.99 - £132.每周93









** This is refundable, subject to an end of tenancy room inspection 和 the return of your keys.


  • 如果你在火博竟体官网就读少于6个月,你将获得医疗保险
  • 签证
  • 往返火博竟体官网的交通费
  • 教科书
  • 假期和周末旅游
  • 娱乐
  • telephone; laundry; cooking 和 eating utensils; 和 other personal expenses. These will obviously vary widely according to your budget, tastes 和 requirements.

找到更多的信息 生活成本.


下载一份 留学宣传册.


Once you have submitted your application to 火博竟体官网 find out what happens after.

关于如何申请您的 住宿 一旦你接受了火博竟体官网的录取通知书,将会被寄给你吗.

It is unlikely that 伊拉斯谟+ or Postgraduate students will be offered 住宿 on campus. You should nevertheless apply so that you can receive information about 住宿 options off-campus 和 be registered as a member of a College. Often 住宿 is available with one of our approved partners in the city of 火博竟体官网. If you wish to make your own 住宿 arrangements, we recommend that you use 火博竟体官网的房屋


Undergraduate students coming to study at 火博竟体官网 from outside Europe are guaranteed a single study bedroom on campus provided you apply by the deadline. The 住宿 Office will send information about how to apply after students have accepted their offer to study at 火博竟体官网.

移民 information will be emailed to you after the application deadline closes.

It is important that you obtain the correct student 签证 to study in the UK. 你将被派去 关于签证和移民的详细信息 当你接受了火博竟体官网的录取通知书时.

If you have questions or need help regarding immigration matters when you are at 火博竟体官网, 你可以联络 签证及移民组 关于这些事情,有哪些可以给你建议和指导.


  1. 出行前指导 前4周 你到 to help you prepare for your visit to 火博竟体官网, information will include; 从曼彻斯特机场搭乘长途汽车从其他地方到火博竟体官网怎么走
  2. 介绍你在火博竟体官网的第一周的小册子, 2周之前 你到

成绩单: A transcript will automatically be sent to your adviser at your home university at the end of your study period at 火博竟体官网. 为学生 leaving in December, transcripts are normally posted out at the end of February. 6月离校的学生的成绩单将在8月公布.

如果你想要一份的话, you can request an official copy or copies of your transcript after you have left 火博竟体官网. 每份成绩单收取5英镑的小额费用,您可以使用 在线成绩单申请表. 请确保您的成绩单订单 至少4个工作星期 in advance of when you actually need it to ensure it reaches you in good time.

校友: After you’ve finished your study abroad programme, you can benefit from a wide range of 校友 服务. 请保留您的详细资料 最新的 这样火博竟体官网就能保持联系,邀请你参加校友活动.

火博竟体官网将提供 学费减免 所有有资格的申请者的授课硕士课程, 由本科获得的奖励水平决定. The Scholarship is open to all our 校友, regardless of their nationality or year of graduation. 更多信息请访问火博竟体官网的奖学金和助学金网页.

Browse the postgraduate options which are open to you at 火博竟体官网 at 研究生的选择.


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